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you’ll learn to simplify your life and better your health with practical meal planning, shopping, prepping and cooking strategies.

Are You Stressed out about What’s For Dinner? 


Stressed out by the, “What is for dinner?” question, OVER AND OVER AGAIN?

Exhausted with no time or energy to make dinner

Guilty about how much money you’re spending on poor quality takeout, dining out or, don’t even say it, the dreaded frozen dinner?

Overwhelmed by how much time (and money) you’re spending at the store several times a week?

Trapped in the kitchen cooking after a long day when all you want to do put on sweat pants, drink wine and watch Netflix?

Yeah. I hear ya. Weeknights can be total chaos and it’s like groundhog day over, and over again.

You want Real, Simple, Healthy dinners your family will actually eat, and don’t want to spend most of your day thinking about it or attempting to make it happen.

Do you Feel like planning, shopping and cooking is too much work? 


I havE simple, practical weeknight Meal Planning strategies, and shopping tips, and easy to prepare meals to make your life in the kitchen easier.

No bulk prepping, batch cooking and no , cooking 7 nights a week either.


I was a processed food junkie for most of my life, but after I got pregnant, I was forced to clean up my diet. I slowly began cooking and eating more real foods and feeling better than I’d ever felt, but I was spending way too much time and money on shopping and cooking healthier meals. I had two kids under 2, and I had to figure out ways to make real food easy, inexpensive, and sustainable for my very real life. I learned and created ways to simplify my life in the kitchen, and I’m on a mission to show you how easy, accessible and practical real food can be. Real Food for Real Life, I like to call it.

We’re talking easy dinner planning strategies, time saving and money saving shopping tips, kitchen organizing guides, simple & quick family friendly recipes, and how to find better, less processed packaged foods for those nights when you’ve just gotta throw your feel up and pour a glass of wine. I’m telling you here, I am pretty lazy, and if I can do it and love it, you can definitely do it and love it too.

WHAT This PROGRAM includes

10 Daily Lessons with step by step guides for organizing, planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and eating (obviously)

20+ Guides & worksheets— downloadable guides, tip sheets, resource and stock lists to accompany each lesson and to help you when it’s all over

Office hours — Jenny, the Real Food Scout, will be at your beck and call for the full 10 days to answer questions.

State of mind

Learn to seek out & cook better foods

Surviving vs. Thriving

Weed out the C.R.A.P.

The Value of Food

To detox your current pantry and fridge

Reorganize your pantry and fridge

Stock you pantry and fridge

kitchen detox

To detox your current pantry and fridge

Toss out common harmful junk

Clear out space and energy

Kitchen Restock

Get your shift together

Rebuild the pantry & fridge

Restock with real foods

The Plan

4 night Meal Plan

Simple Meal Planning Strategies

Tips for using the meal planner and shopping lists

simplify the shop

Spend less time & money

Reading Labels Do’s & Don’ts

Short & Simple Strategy

The Prep Step

What to prep

How to make it suck less

Simple make ahead items

Cookng made easy

Simplify the cooking process

Cooking Strategies to save time

East & fast weeknight recipe

SCout Dining OUt

What to look for

Ways to find mindful restaurants

What questions to ask


You can change your health and simplify your life at the same time, I will show you. You don’t need to be an expert cook to make any of these recipes either.

It is simple, delicious and fun, seriously.


Reduce stress around dinner


Save money on food


Build Confidence in the kitchen 


Save time in the kitchen


Simplify your life around food


Create positive family food experiences


Save time at the store


Feel better, more energy, clearer mind


Enjoy more time doing what you love

How WILL IT Change Your Life

Imagine you come home from a long day and you already know what’s for dinner (cause that was planned weeks ago) oh, and most of the meal has already been prepped, so instead of starting a cat fight in the Whole Foods parking lot, scrambling for last minute dinner ingredients, or wasting more money on poor quality delivery, you give yourself a little smirk, and think “yeah, l’m nailing this dinner thing”, while you put a few simple items together, pop it in the oven and go throw on your sweat pants and pour a glass of wine. Timer goes off, you marvel at your delicious, healthy, real food dinner you made with minimal effort, seriously.

This also gives you more time to do the things you want to do in your life!

Yeah, you know it feels good. Now eat, and repeat tomorrow night.


YOU will GET

In depth Basic Training, to eating more Real Food. An all in one Guide to simplify the task of planning, shopping and cooking more Real Food dinners.

 Daily Video Lessons with step by step guides for organizing, planning, shopping, prepping, cooking and eating (obviously)

Printable worksheets to help you follow along with the videos and take notes

+ Real Food Scout Guide

+ Real Food Breakdown List

+ C.R.A.P. Breakdown list and what to avoid

+ Kitchen Detox Guide

+ 10 Most Harmful Food Ingredients List & Buzz Words

+ Kitchen (Pantry & Fridge) Organization Guide

+ Real Food Pantry Stock List

+ Favorite Brands List

+ Dinner Meal Planning Strategies

+ Grocery Shopping Guides

+ Shopping Lists

+ Online Shopping Resources

+ Guide to Farmer’s Market

+ Printable Weekly & Monthly Meal Planner

+ Guide for Easy Prep

+ Easy Cooking Strategies, Recipes & Videos

+ Spring Meal Plan ebook

+ Simple Pantry Recipe ebook

+ Scout Tips for Dining Out

+ Resource List

+ Daily Action Steps

+ Guide to your Monthly Meal Plan

+Private Real Food Scout Facebook Community


Email Support for any personal questions or concerns

At the end, you will have a newly organized pantry and fridge, easy breezy shopping trips, simple family recipes, stressfree weeknights and a new dinner routine that will change your life and better your health.

What’s not to want?

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